Monday, August 10, 2009

Terrorist bombs claim 9 lives in Jakarta: Update 6

Two days after announcing that they had killed their most wanted terrorist, Noordin Top, Indonesian police now believe he fled the scene before a raid was carried out. The police shooting in central Java was initially hailed as a triumph. The operation came less than a month after deadly Jakarta hotel bombings that Noordin was believed to have ordered. He has evaded the authorities while carrying out a series of high profile attacks since at least 2003.

But police have now conceded doubts about the identity of the dead men appear credible. One policeman said: "It's not him. We know from his facial structure as well as his fingerprints. We're continuing to track his whereabouts." According to the police spokesman, Nanan Soekarna: "Whoever the man is, it should be proved in a scientific way." DNA test results could take two weeks.

The bullet riddled body of the dead man was photographed by the media as it was removed from the scene of the 17 hour siege on Saturday. According to Sidney Jones, a regional security expert with the International Crisis Group said that the picture of the guy doesn't bear any resemblance to Noordin Top.

"Indonesia police concede Noordin Top evaded death", Telegraph, 8/10/09.



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