Monday, August 17, 2009

Possible Shutdown of PFLP-GC By Syria

The Syrian regime is preparing to dismantle two major Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) bases in Lebanon, a STRATFOR source reported. One of the bases is in Deir al Ghazal Qusaya, which is an important training facility not only for PFLP-GC operatives, but also for Islamist militant groups, including al Qaeda affiliates, who are trafficked through Lebanon usually with the aid of Syrian military intelligence. The other base is in Na’me-Damur, which is located strategically on the highway that travels from Beirut to southern Lebanon and overlooks the Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport. The airport falls within artillery range of the latter base.

The source added that the Syrians are making it more difficult for PFLP-GC and Hamas officials to move around in Damascus, where each group has a base of operations. For each meeting they hold inside Syria, these Palestinian militants allegedly require a special permit from the director-general of Syrian intelligence.

Syria’s apparent clampdown on Palestinian militants operating in the Syria-Lebanon domain is yet another indicator that Damascus’ ongoing negotiations with the United States and Saudi Arabia are making real progess. According to the source, the Israelis told the Syrians through U.S. Middle East envoy George Mitchell that closing down these two bases was a critical precondition to resuming peace talks between Israel and Syria. Though these talks are still in limbo, both the United States and Turkey are playing an active role in getting the Israeli-Syrian negotiations back on track. The United States will also be sending a security delegation to Damascus on Aug. 19 in another sign that cooperation between the United States and Syria is growing, much to Iran’s discontent.

"Syria: Closing PFLP-GC Bases", Stratfor, 8/14/09.



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