Thursday, July 16, 2009

Army employs visualization software to uncover procurement fraud

By Joab Jackson
Jul 14, 2009

When it comes to understanding government procurement, any tools that can help make sense of the inherent complexity of contracts can be hugely helpful. So, not surprisingly, integrator SRA International, which has a contract to help the Army Criminal Investigation Division investigate potential procurement fraud, uses data visualization software from i2 to help root out cases of bribery, money laundering or conspiracy.

"The contracting arena is just so large [and] there are so many government personnel, bidders, contractors, employees and their families. Data visualization software really helps clarify the big picture," said Amanda Post, an analyst for SRA. On a daily basis, SRA's team of 10 analysts search through evidence collected from search warrants.

"We're scanning everything out there to find evidence to support our investigation against criminal fraud," Post said. Evidence might consist of an e-mail that states that a certain amount of money has been transferred from one account to another, or a bank receipt of a wire transfer. To make sense of this data, the investigative team often uses the i2's Analyst's Notebook, which allows users to graph data elements onto a visual palette.

  • This i2 software may be useful to law enforcement agencies to help detect fraud in other arenas apart from the military.
  • To read this GCN article, please click here.
  • To go to the i2 website, please click here.



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