Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NYPD Intelligence making FBI blue

The body of the last Pakistani terrorist was hardly cold in November 2008 when representatives of the New York Police Department’s intelligence unit showed up in Mumbai. “We’re from the U.S. government,” they told Indian security officials, according to a senior former U.S. intelligence official who now does private business in the country. The Indians were left confused by who exactly was representing American intelligence in Mumbai, he said. Was it the CIA, FBI, or these men who said they were from “the U.S. government”?

The incident could not be independently verified, although NYPD chief Raymond W. Kelly was not shy about telling a congressional panel later that “within hours of the end of the attacks, the NYPD notified the Indian government that we would be sending personnel there. By December 5," he added, "our Intelligence Division had produced an analysis, which we shared with the FBI.” The FBI was not all that grateful, according to several former bureau and CIA sources. Indeed, tension between the FBI and the NYPD’s intelligence division has only deepened since then, according to a lacerating analysis by a veteran New York crime reporter.



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