Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kiwis buy bootleg kidney transplants

New Zealanders desperate for kidney transplants are using the internet to buy organs from Third World countries. A senior Auckland doctor said yesterday that he had dealt with two cases in which New Zealanders had bought kidneys and had the transplant operations in the Third World - and he knew there were others. "They are very rare, but it happens," said Associate Professor Johan Rosman, chief medical officer and renal physician for Waitemata District Health. "They come back to us and we say, 'Where have you been? You've been away for six months? 'Yeah, I've bought me an organ'. "I've seen two but there are many more, and I know that in the Netherlands and in the US it's very common practice. One of the NZ patients had a badly done transplant, and the other had a successful operation. "It's always the same thing - they say, 'We're going to buy a kidney', and all of a sudden they're gone, they don't come for dialysis any more. Then they show up and they have the kidney."



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