Sunday, April 11, 2010

Car bomb explodes at Ulster army barrack

A car bomb exploded early this morning on the outskirts of Belfast, timed to coincide with the transfer of power as the Stormont parliament took over judicial and policing powers at midnight. Northern Ireland now has its first justice minister in nearly four decades. A spokesman for the Police Service of Northern Ireland said: "A device has exploded in a vehicle at the rear of Palace Barracks, Holywood. The explosion occurred at approximately 12.24am. The investigation in ongoing, and there are no further details at this stage." It was reported that one person was injured in the blast. Police sources said the bomb was taken to the barracks in a hijacked taxi after the cab driver's family was held hostage.

It is understood that homes around the army base, north east of Belfast, were being evacuated as the bomb went off, and that some families are staying overnight in a nearby community centre. Alliance Party deputy leader Naomi Long said: "I would utterly condemn any such attack and am sure that the vast majority of people from across our community are sickened by the actions of people who seem intent on dragging Northern Ireland back into the past. "It is vital that all local politicians unite to condemn this attack and redouble our efforts to create stable political structures and a peaceful society.



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