Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Al Qaeda Bombers Learn from Drug Smugglers

Al-Qaeda has developed a new tactic that allows suicide bombers to breach even the tightest security. Inside a Saudi palace, the scene was the bloody aftermath of an al-Qaeda attack in August aimed at killing Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef, head of Saudi Arabia's counter terrorism operations.

To get his bomb into this room, Abdullah Asieri, one of Saudi Arabia's most wanted men, avoided detection by two sets of airport security including metal detectors and palace security. He spent 30 hours in the close company of the prince's own secret service agents - all without anyone suspecting a thing.

How did he do it? Taking a trick from the narcotics trade - which has long smuggled drugs in body cavities - Asieri had a pound of high explosives, plus a detonator inserted in his rectum.

This was a meticulously planned operation with al-Qaeda once again producing something new: this time, the Trojan bomber. The bomber persuaded the prince he wanted to leave al-Qaeda, setting a trap.

Asieri tells the prince that more senior al-Qaeda figures want to surrender and convinces the prince to talk to them on a cell phone. The Trojan bomber hands the phone to Prince Mohammed. He's standing next to him, and 14 seconds later, he detonates.



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