Saturday, November 20, 2010

New method of obtaining "criminal" intelligence

Scots gangsters are using "waterboarding" terror tactics to torture rivals. Hardened crooks have copied the CIA-style interrogation technique where water is poured on to a cloth covering the victim's mouth and nose to simulate drowning. We can reveal that a leading member of one of Scotland's most notorious crime clans was tortured by a rival gang using the shock tactics last week. Drug dealer John Fox was terrorised after being snatched off the street by four thugs during a row over stolen drugs.

Associates of Fox said he was taken to a flat in Glasgow's east end, strapped to a scaffolding board, his head covered and water poured over his nose and mouth. One source close to the family said: "It's taking torture among gangs to a new level, but they've all seen how effective it can be, so it's a new weapon for them. "Some guys will take any amount of pain but it looks as though they crack within seconds of the water being poured over."

According to sources, Fox, 43, was at war with a rival gang from the city's Barrowfield area over £1000 of stolen drugs. An associate revealed last night: "John knew that one of his suppliers of blue valium pills kept them in the electricity box in the stairway outside his flat so he helped himself to the stash - about 1000 of them. "They are currently selling for around £1 a pill, so he walked off with a tidy sum. "He got greedy and paid the price. This other family were tipped off straight away about who had their drugs and John was lured to a meeting in a car near his home.

Thanks to my buddy Dean for putting me onto this story.



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