Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another Bomb In Greece. Blamed On "Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei"

Greek authorities have destroyed another mail bomb. This one was returned to a delivery service by the French embassy according to the Associated Press. Police said the latest package contained a small amount of explosives and was destroyed by controlled explosion. They said an erroneous return address on the package was for the Greek Orthodox Church. A 48 hour ban on all international mail leaving Greece is still in effect. Two men have been arrested. Greek police say they are members of an anarchist group the "Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei."

Police released pictures of five men they are seeking in connection with the attacks, who they say are also members of the shadowy group. From the WSJ: Little is known about the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei, which first emerged in early 2008, six years after Greek police dismantled the country's notorious left-wing November 17 terror group. The Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei has been known for nonlethal bomb attacks around Athens despite the arrests of several of its members—most of them in their 20s—in the past two years. The group is seen as anti-authoritarian and the most recent targets may reflect their opposition to Greece's fiscal austerity program after a European Union sponsored €110 billion ($154 billion) bailout package this year.



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