Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Victims Reporting Driver's License Scam

In April, Greg Lapore said he got a new drivers license in the mail, but the photo and name on the license was not his. The name on the license said Paulo Cruz-Rangel, although the address belonged to Lapore. Lapore said he does not know Cruz-Rangel. According to investigators, they are now learning about a new scam plaguing innocent residents in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area. They said illegal immigrants are traveling from eight different states, selecting random Albuquerque addresses and filling out change of address forms, to get false residential documents and then obtain drivers licenses.

According to State Tax and Fraud investigator Alvan Romero, this scam can ruin a person financially. Originally, 24 victims were identified. Since the story aired on Action 7 News last week, more than a dozen victims have come forward. "We consider this a public service announcement. We want to get this out to everyone," said Romero. Luckily, Lapore intercepted the ID before a complete stranger got it. He called the post office and the MVD. "If somebody else would have had a valid drivers license with my address on it, who knows what kind of problems they would've caused," said Lapore.



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