Sunday, May 9, 2010

Long Island teens nabbed in plot to bomb school, kill students and faculty

Two Long Island, New York, teenagers were arrested for planning a Columbinelike plot to bomb a school and gun down students and faculty, Suffolk County police said Friday. Christopher Franko, 17, and his 16-year-old gal pal Dana Saltzman planned to carry out the bloodbath at Franko's former school, Connetquot High School in Bohemia, on June 10, cops said. The teen duo spent several weeks searching bomb-making Web sites to prepare for the attack - and were only waiting for Franko to turn 18 to legally buy the firepower needed to carry out their deadly assault, police said.

The couple already had tried to buy a shotgun but were turned down because they were minors. They were going to go back on Franko's birthday on June 8 and buy one, and return on June 9 for another one - and carry out the attack on June 10, said Suffolk County Police Deputy Inspector Michael Shanahan. Franko and Saltzman also exchanged text messages about their noxious scheme to buy the guns and massacre people in the school, police said. But their plan came undone when the boy's social worker alerted police last week that the pair might have been planning an attack, Suffolk County Police Sgt. Bill Doherty said.



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