Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dictators and democracies

Colombia and Venezuela are both Latino nations in the South American continent, in fact, they are next-door neighbours. But that's about where the similarities end, at least politically. One, Venezuela, is led by a populist madman with delusions of grandeur, who is taking his country on the path to great hurt, for his own sake. The other, Colombia, is ruled by an imperfect but capable man who has gracefully accepted the Colombian Constitutional Court's rejection of a referendum that would have allowed him to pursue a third term in power. Alvaro Uribe's actions give me great hope for the future of this beautiful country. The two men could not be more unlike in their attitudes, performance and behaviour.

Colombia is possibly the most democratic country in the region while Venezuela seems to be plunging back into the dark ages, propelled there by a dictator who has too much in common with the likes of Saddam Hussein. Venezuela is not a place I would like to do business, feel safe from corruption, or have any confidence that my civil rights would be protected. Colombia, on the other hand, has problems of it's own with drug cartels and Marxist-Leninist terror organizations within it's borders. But I know where I would be more likely to enjoy a good life and have the opportunity to prosper. It wouldn't be where Hugo Chavez was the boss of anything.



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