Friday, January 15, 2010

While helping out in Haiti please be aware of scams!

As the world looks for ways to help the victims of Haiti's earthquake, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is now warning that there are also those who are looking for opportunities set up scams surrounding the latest disaster relief efforts. The FBI advises that people should be very skeptical of any unsolicited appeals they receive or find on the Internet.

One month after Hurricane Katrina, the FBI said it was suspicious of most of the 4,600 Web sites soliciting money on behalf of those victims. Within an hour of the World Trade Center attacks, scam sites popped up on the Web according to But Web sites are not the only way criminals try to get their hands on charity funds -- they might also send you an e-mail, a letter, phone you or even knock on your door.

At CNN's Impact Your World, you can find a list of list of Web sites of charities highly rated by, an independent, nonprofit organization that evaluates and rates thousands of charity groups based on effectiveness and financial stability.



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