Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Taliban claim suicide attack on UN Food Program


On 5 October, 2009, a suicide bomber disguised as a soldier killed five staff of a United Nations World Food Program (WFP) building in Islamabad. The blast exploded in the office lobby in a fashionable residential district of Islamabad. An Iraqi and four Pakistani workers were killed in the explosion and several more were injured. The WFP has been at the forefront of providing relief aid to Pakistanis displaced by anti-Taliban operations, including the two million persons who had been evacuated from Swat earlier this year. The bomber was dressed in the uniform of the Frontier Corp paramilitary force and asked to enter the building to use the restroom.


This bombing has been claimed by the Tehrik-e-Taliban saying international relief work in Pakistan was not in "the interest of Muslims." It may also be in retaliation for Pakistani Army’s offensive in the Northwest Frontier earlier this year. There are also reports that the army is preparing for another assault against the Taliban’s Waziristan headquarters, and this may take place within the next few days. The Taliban may have tried to use this latest attack to discourage the new offensive.

Whatever the motivation, this technique of using terrorists dressed as soldiers has ramifications for all countries involved in fighting terrorism. Most security personnel would be reluctant to turn away military members from using a bathroom. Critical examination of identification and correct wearing and display of uniform may help prevent such an attack.



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