Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Crime analysis and the critical role of location intelligence

Crime analysis is a law enforcement profession dedicated to the identification of patterns, trends and problems in crime and disorder. It has become an increasingly important part of policing and crime prevention and thousands of specialist crime analysts are now employed by police forces worldwide. Crime analysts work at all levels in policing the study of crime, incident, and intelligence information. The role is to identify, predict and forecast occurrences and suggest solutions, effective strategies and tactics to address crime and disorder. Other duties include preparing statistics, data queries and the use of geographical information systems(GIS) for the identification of local, regional, national and international crime concerns.



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Who am I?

I am a law enforcement professional with over 35 years experience in both sworn and civilian positions. I have service in 3 different countries in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

My principal areas of expertise are: (1) Intelligence, (2) Training and Development, (3) Knowledge Management, and (4) Administration/Supervision.

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