Monday, December 27, 2010

MX Prison Breakout Means 200 More Serious Criminals on Street–Increase in Violence Expected

Close to 200 drug dealers, murderers, and human traffickers broke out of a Nuevo Laredo prison—probably with the help of guards who were bribed or threatened; members of the Zetas were behind the prison break. Intelligence analysts say that the breakout means that we should expect more violence in cities within the Zetas-dominated areas An intelligence analyst says there is a greater chance right now you could become a victim of a carjacking in Mexico. A former drug enforcement agency supervisor said the prison break in Nuevo Laredo is the reason why the threat of carjackings will go up.

“The Zetas were the ones that orchestrated their breakout to increase their number,” says Gary Hale. Hale is a former drug enforcement agency intelligence supervisor in the Houston field office. He now runs his own intelligence firm. He says the prison breakout means more violence against people traveling to Mexico.

Hale and his team built a map to show the four cities in Mexico that are fifty miles from the border where Zetas have recently carjacked people. He says it could happen in every Mexican state that borders the United States. The Zetas operate in all of them. Hale analyzed the Zetas in a new report he released this past weekend. He says the Zetas are expanding in Mexico. They are now in Sonora, across the border from Arizona. He says the Mexican government is still arresting Zeta operatives. Last week, a Zeta recruiter trying to enlist teenagers was arrested in Monterrey.



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