Thursday, October 7, 2010

State police investigative structure and the adoption of intelligence-led policing

I received this press draft of a paper written by Jerry Ratlcliffe and Ray Guidetti. It has been accepted by Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management. Be on the lookout for the final article but please be aware that the final version may be different due to changes made by the editor or publisher.

Abstract: Prior research conducted in the UK suggests police forces that embraced organizational change were better able to adjust to an intelligence-led policing model of operation. However, significant organizational adaptation to a relatively untried business model raises risks for managers and takes leaders into unfamiliar territory regarding a number of factors. These factors include the increasing influence of analysts, the resistance of detectives required to work in a more collaborative environment, and the selection of new priorities reflecting strategic assessments.

Using a combination of in-depth semi-structured interviews, less formal discussions, and document analysis this paper describes some noteworthy changes undertaken by the New Jersey State Police Investigations Branch to move from an institutional architecture that created significant information silos to one more suited to information sharing and intelligence-led policing. Using extensive quotes from detectives, managers and analysts, the paper uses a large drug-gang investigation as a case study to identify broader organizational issues associated with these structural changes.



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