Friday, September 24, 2010

Reposted from Sources and Methods: Intelligence Analysts Are Insanely Happy

According to a recent Wall Street Journal sponsored study (using info from, Intelligence Analysts are happy -- really happy. Out of the 82 professions examined, intel analyst came in at number 7, scoring a whopping 73.1 out of 100 points. Only one job, Aerospace Engineer, scored 100 of 100 and the other 5 happiest jobs were fairly closely grouped. This study follows on the heels of the CNN report from last year that indicated that Intel analyst was the 9th best job in the country. CNN did not look at happiness per se so it is hard to compare the two lists but it is interesting to note that, on both lists, intelligence analyst ranks so highly.

I find this particularly interesting given that intelligence analyst does not even have a Bureau of Labor Statistics Standard Occupational Classification System code, which means that the US Government is not tracking the profession in any meaningful way. It suggests to me that intel analyst has become a popular and common enough job to earn the attention of both CNN and the Wall Street Journal but that there are few reliable resources for adequately managing the profession.



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