Monday, June 21, 2010

Terrorism report warns of 'dirty bomb' risks, says Italy's nuclear waste deposits vulnerable

Italy's dumps of nuclear waste and other radioactive material are vulnerable to terrorists and should be kept under strict security, a terrorism report released Monday said. The report by a private Italian foundation looks at the causes of Islamic terrorism and the evolution of al-Qaida and other terror groups since 9/11, with a particular eye to Italy. Analyzing the dangers of an attack with nuclear weapons or radioactive "dirty bombs," the report says the fight for non-proliferation is bound to have a central role in anti-terror efforts and will require stricter co-operation among nations. Italy has a dozen sites where radioactive material is temporarily stocked, according to the report.

These sites, the stocked material and their transfers "are vulnerable to terror attacks" and require measures to protect them from any terror risks. The report did not elaborate on the security measures currently in place. Italy closed nuclear plants after a referendum banned nuclear power in 1987. But the report says that the plants have produced 55,000 cubic meters of waste. There is also 2,000 cubic meters of other radioactive material coming from health and medical products, as well as waste produced by hospitals and chemical and other companies. Another risk, the report said, stems from the fact that there are active nuclear plants in nearby or neighbouring countries. The report called for stricter co-ordination between local officials and the government, as well as between countries.



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