Monday, February 15, 2010

San Diego crime at 45-year low despite economy and cuts, city practices Intelligence-led Policing

One might expect crime to increase during a recession, but San Diego currently boasts the lowest city-wide crime rate since 1963. According to a report released by the San Diego Police Department, overall crime is down 17.7 percent from 2008, representing the largest one-year drop in more than 60 years. Last saw 41 homicide cases, the lowest number since 1972, when San Diego had only half the number of residents. San Diego saw decreases in every category except aggravated assaults, which was up two percent.

David Ramirez, the executive assistant to the chief of police, said the increase was due to an upswing in domestic violence cases, probably stemming from stresses the economy is placing on families, such as job losses and foreclosures. “The question I consistently get asked in a very difficult environment where the economy’s changing is ‘why are you seeing crime go down not only in the city of San Diego, but you’re seeing it go down across the country?” said Lansdowne. “I think it’s because of several reasons. One is that we police differently than ever before. We use a concept of intelligence-led policing.”



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