Saturday, November 21, 2009

Plot to bomb Colombo revealed

Sri Lankan police have uncovered a fresh plot by the Tamil Diaspora to carry out a massive bomb attack in the city. The recent arrest of Ananda Varnan, a hardcore LTTE terrorist, in Vavuniya by a special police team has revealed the planned attack.

The police had recovered a powerful bomb which was to be used in the attack, a senior police official told The Island adding that Varnan had received Rs. 30,000 from his masters based in Malaysia to carry out the operation.

According to him, the police had swooped down on the suspect after receiving information regarding a person looking for several detonators. Under interrogation, the suspect had led investigators to a 7 kg claymore mine and a remote controller in an LTTE hideout. The police said that the suspect had planned to trigger a claymore attack in the city in the next few days.

The suspect had admitted that he had obtained the remote controller from a shop in Vavuniya.suspect had escaped from an IDP facility in the Vavuniya area after he was brought to the Vavuniya Hospital to receive medical treatment. Investigators said that Varnan had been involved in a series of bomb attacks in the city and its suburbs over a period of time.



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